Monday, August 3, 2015

sunshine & freshly picked....

this post is a little overdue as i took these picture of olivia a few months before she turned two. better late than never right?!?

well let me just tell you how much olivia and i LOVE freshly picked moccs! as a mom of 6 i like shoes that are easy and quick to put on and of course stylish, freshly picked moccs are both and even oilvia loves them. another reason i LoVE them is that some of my kids have thick feet which makes is very hard to find shoes that are comfy for them and that fit correctly. freshly picked worked perfect! if you haven't ever tried them out you should because they are amazing!

we've been wearing them everywhere for 6 months and they are awesome.

she's shocked you don't have a pair yet so get over to their site, like them on facebook and follow them on instagram!
thanks for the awesome shoes freshly picked!

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