Wednesday, September 18, 2013

3 months already

can i just say that i can not stand how fast time goes once you have kids!
it's crazy, and i think it speeds up a little more with each child added. olivia is 3 months almost 4 and just the sweetest thing still, such a good baby! i have taken lots of pictures of her but haven't posted a whole lot...hmmm wonder why, i'm sure it has nothing to do with 6 kids and client work and the new design team i am on for whim so doodle. ah such is life! well i'm nursing while i type this with one hand so excuse any mistakes please! olivia took her 1st trip at the end of august. we went to manhattan to meet her aunt, uncle and cousins while mommy did some work. we had a lovely time and olivia was perfect the whole trip, whew! anyways, i need to go take care of everything else, lol so til next time!

Saturday, September 7, 2013