Saturday, July 13, 2013

la la loopsy birthday...quick & budget friendly

my nessa's birthday kinda snuck up on me, even though i knew her birthday was coming i was not prepared! which is unlike me, usually the party theme is picked a good 6 months in advance and the preparation starts then too. but with being pregnant and moving and then our new little being late i ended up with 6 days to plan, make, and do! 


i tried to use whatever i had in the house from other parties and such. the girls received the la la loopsy doll house for Christmas so that took a big chunk of decorating out and easy! my mom has several sewing machines and her travel vintage singer was at my house with her so i drew a dress and pulled out fabrics i bought in new york 3 years ago and my awesome mom whipped a la la loopsy dress for the birthday girl, and her awesome aunt had bought her the wig on clearance at target after Christmas then the sewing machine became part of the decor.

i went to joann fabrics coupons in hand and on my phone, my budget was 50.00 and i spent 53.00 not too far off! everything i did had to be quick and easy. i think my favorite thing was the neon embroidery hoops i got and then used fabric from my stash and YARN, and buttons to make the cute wall decor!

 second favorite would be the yarn tassel banner! i have seen all kinds of tassel decor for parties the past year and have wanted to try it, but never had. so when i was staring wide eyed in the middle of the night at the two giant bundles of yarn i had bought i had a light bulb moment! then came the yarn tassels and it still looks like i haven't used any of the yarn, lol!

i also got plastic neon lace at joanns along with beads and little wooden spools all that could be strung onto the lace. the girls loved it and they turned out cute...we even wrapped yarn around the little spools. i also got the martha stewart button punch/embosser. if you don't have it you should its so much cuter than i expected!

the buttons are the martha stewart paper punch then glue dots onto the sunglasses

 not bad for 6 days to think and 2 days to make and under 100.00!