Wednesday, May 2, 2012

i'm trying!

you know how the more kids you have the less and less pictures you take, keepsakes you actually keep and the baby book has very little info in it if any...well i know EVERY mom does her best to keep up with our growing little ones. of my 5 the 1st, and 3rd have a finished 1st year album, the 2nd and 4th have a 1st year album that stopped at 9 months (and i will fill in the last 3 months sometime) and my 5th little one does not have an album. yet. but i have tried to continue with taking pictures every know the first few i was picking out backdrops and coming up with fun and creative ways to photograph them each month, at least i thought they were fun and creative, lol. anyways i have done pretty good with nessa, my 5th. i think i missed one month, but i feel like i havent been trying as hard to come up with fun new things and ways to capture her. so for her 10 month pictures, i had a stroke of madness at midnight saturday, amongst the getting clothes out for all the kids for church in the am, and all that. i grabbed an outfit for nessa that was one of my baby outfits, and it hit me she will be 10 months in the morning. so i looked at the strawberry and yellow/green outfit in my hands and "ding". i grabbed anything i had in the house that had green yellow and strawberries that i thought would be cute as a styled shoot. luckily i have a little milk glass collection so i used some one which is a strawberry plate, i have a vintage red suitcase and some other fun things like my baby books that are strawberry shortcake and a doll. so sunday after church i set it all up and with my moms help to corral nessa who wanted to eat the dirt and sticks, crawl around and grab everything i had set up, i took her 10 month pictures. here's to trying to keep up!


  1. You are such an awesome momma! And she is a doll! Hugs from Conroe, TX

  2. I don't know about awesome,but thank you!

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