Wednesday, December 12, 2012


well it's a once in a lifetime day. . . according to the calendar. for me and my house its a regular day, boys at school, girls and their regular routine. for me work to do, food to cook, children to keep alive, lol. none the less i usually post to instagram once a day or i try to anyways. so since i know a ton of people that do the same i thought i cant let this day go by with out something special. so i played in photoshop for a little bit and made an 8x8 digital page for today. now i have not taken a picture yet today but i will. i put a picture in from yesterday to show you...because i made the page to share!

you can grab the psd file here

hope you like it and enjoy!

*this psd is for personal use only

Friday, November 2, 2012

3 years old memory file mini!

i have been away from my blog and my computer in general for a couple of weeks...busy, busy i suppose!
well i made a super cute mini album using a heidi swapp memory file, some digital papers i made in photoshop using heidi swapp and pink paislee papers. i cut the memory file down to 9 inches tall and then i folded it along the score lines already there plus an extra one i made, printed my 8 1/2 x 11 in. papers (double sided) folded them in half and sewed them in with also help secure my folds in the memory file and then hot glued several trims into the spine. 

so i LOVE how it turned out the pictures arent the best i was in a hurry andmy son who had just been playing in the dirt outside was helping me, as you can see by the dirt under his nails, lol.
i purchased the color magic memory files at my local scrapbook store posh scraps along with a lot of the embellishments!

Monday, September 24, 2012


 i thought i had posted the pictures i did feb. 2011 of my oldest daughter...but apparently i did not.  so better late than they are almost 2 years later, lol.

she wanted a princess party for her 3rd birthday. my mom made her this beautiful dress out of my dad's old dress shirts and some tulle we had laying around. it turned out gorgeous, and emma LOVED it!!!

i took her downtown to take some cinderella pictures of her, i would have done it a little differently if i were to do them now. for one i found an even better location, and 2 i would have done a better job with the photography part of it, since then i have shot only in manual which makes a huge difference! anyways, i do love the clock one at the end, and emma was beyond happy with the whole thing!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

purse mirror turned into a mini album...

so i found this so cute polka dot mirror for your purse at forever was too cute not to buy, it had polka dots and a bow!

i knew right away i wasn't going to use it for it's created purpose...i knew i wanted to do something scrapbooky (i'm sure that's not a word but i do that alot) with it.

so i bet you can guess but i took out some heidi swapp sugar chic stuff and some "vintage" heidi swapp stuff i have been hoarding, i mean saving, lol!

and i ended up with this little cutie...