Thursday, January 27, 2011

best baby food ever!

so i have posted about the best baby toy ever but now i am sharing the best baby food ever!

none of my kids ever really cared much for baby food, and i think it's awesome if you can make your own, but i have neither the time nor patients to do so. and i found this baby food while i was in manhattan in september...and my youngest lucy LOVED it! she previously wanted nothing to do with baby food...but this was it, she wanted to eat it and eat it and eat some more!

finally 4 months later we have it here in florida, and even thigh she is 1 now and too big for stage 1 baby foods...its is a great snack in the afternoon for her! not to mention the packaging is genius! you don't need a dish or a spoon, just plop it in a cup of hot water if you want it warm (not necessary, my daughter loves it right out of the cupboard) so easy so good LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

more party pictures...

i have been insanely busy since lucy's 1st birthday,(not that 4 kids, photography, and being preggers with our 5th has anything to do with that!)and i did post some pictures from her fair in paris but i wanted to add some more.

there were so many diy projects for this party and i would love to share if there is any interest just let me know.