Thursday, September 30, 2010

the BEST baby toy EVER!

so i just wanted to share with everyone the best baby toy ever! all 4 of my kids LOVE to look at and read books. like everyone else out there as babies i gave them the cardoard books because clearly the paper ones will just be torn to shreds and consumed...while that is fiber it's gross. even still the cardboard ones while they do not tear they eventually do it get eaten it just takes a little more time. and the they just look icky! and your baby again has ome more fiber.

so the what is the best baby toy ever? well as you may have guessed it has to do with books...i found these at target and bought them for my youngest, and then after she tried everything she could to tear,eat,dissolve,rip,eat the books she couldn't and she LOVES the pictures and wonderful colors (and they are washable)! i have now also bought them as baby shower gifts and i tell everyone about them!

indestructibles books


  1. I just went to a craft fair today and saw some really awesome fabric books, along the same lines as these ones. Genius!

  2. we have had fabric books as well but they have not gone over as well as these. because these actually feel like paper and since kids always want what they can't have she LOVES them