Saturday, August 28, 2010

man am i bad at blogging or what!

I said when I started this blog up again that I would be a good blog mommy but alas here I am hardly ever posting! Not that a ton of people read this but I would *love* for a ton of people to read this!

So school has once again begun and our oldest is in the 2nd grade...I am pretty sure he was just a little guy trying to toddle around our house...but no that was several years ago. Our youngest 3 are still home with least for a few more years.
Currently I am planning our baby"s 1st birthday party. I can not believe she is going to be 1 seriously where does that 1st year go!? I am so excited about her party the theme is a mix of vintage/parisian/pink and black goodness! Hopefully it will all turn out like I see it in my head! I have been busy making decorations and favors and other stuff. I do need to work on her 1st year album I am be*hind on that I think I have like 300 pictures to print and scrap! Oy!

I have been busy all summer with my 4 wonderful (sometimes) one for a few months (babysitting for a friend)...but now that's all over except my kids of course. The next fun thing I have coming up is a trip to nyc to take my sister in laws maternity pictures! My sister and my youngest will being going with...I am so excited! Plus I will get to do lucy's 11 month pictures there which I will be using for her bday invites.

So that's what's happening around my about yours? What did you do all summer?