Thursday, July 26, 2012

mint green, coral and peach

so like i posted before i am thinking about doing this color pallet in our master bedroom, but first i have to convince the mr. that its not too girly (although he generally lets me do whatever i want, he's good like that. lol)
so i got to playing in photoshop with the colors and added a dark gray but i also added some glitter and lace...i cant help it i like pretty stuff!

the lace is from jessica sprague even though it's no longer available there are a ton of other fun products that are!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

i heart...

heidi swapp, you may think i am her stalker considering how much i refer, talk about, drool over and just adore her...but i have have taken several of her classes and followed her creative career for about 10 years or so. i think she is absolutely inspiring. not just creatively but as a wife and mom of 5 herself. i am even blessed enough to have had lunch with her this past june when she was in clearwater for hsn. it happened to be on mine and my husbands 10th anniversary and all i wanted was to see heidi swapp! its okay though my husband understands and if he doesnt he pretends pretty well, lol!

i can not say enough great thing about her. i could go on and on but for now i just wanted to share a giveaway of some of her products...

click here to get to giveaway!

getting ready to move

its nice to move and start in a fresh house with fresh paint... i have my office painted and it was color matched to a tiffany box, love it! but i have been stuck on what to do in our master bedroom, i love yellow and gray but its so trendy right now and i feel like everyone has that so me being me i cant do what everyone else is doing it goes against my grain! so i am thinking i would like something along these lines with lace and gold accents

Sunday, July 15, 2012

baby's 1st year memory file gift

so i used a couple of different techniques i learned from heidi swapp. i used strips of folded paper to adhere 3 color magic memory files together to make one book with several sections.

i made pockets to hold the milestone cards which are a product from house of 3 (no longer available). i sewed my own photo stacks, and put them in and a group of 4x6 photo sleeves in the last file.

this baby shower gift is all ready for mom and dad to add pictures and journaling for their daughter's 1st year!

Monday, July 9, 2012

1st birthday party

here are a few pictures from my littlest baby's 1st birthday party. i went with a matryoshka doll theme and i used a lot of heidi swapp's new line of scrapbooking products sugar chic!

is it a picture frame or an album?

it's both! inspired by heidi swapp....of course! you can find a how to video here my craft channel.